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May Day and @narchism
Happy May Day!Although it probably originated in Spring fertility festivals in ancient Egypt and India,it has become associated with international Socialist solidarity after the police shooting of demonstrators at the Chicago Hay Market in 1886.Despite being highjacked by Soviet state capitalism,May Day is really part of Anarchist history.So today is a good opportunity to restate the fundamentals of Anarchism-direct action for a stateless society, based on decentralization and federation,common ownership and self management, where all will be free and equal.This entails direct,participatory democracy by all-inclusive workers' and community councils in administering the social ownership and control of the means of production,distribution and exchange.As Mahatma Gandhi pointed out,"The ends never justify the means.The means determine the ends."Aldous Huxley observed,"The more violence,the less revolution."Therefore, the nonviolent direct action of Gandhi and Martin Luther King is the most effective way to bring about the transition.The contributions of Anarcho-Pacifism and Anarcha-Feminism are highly beneficial.