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fluffyblankets's Journal

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Fluffy Blankets
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A community for all who love fluffy blankets and other soft woollens
Welcome to FluffyBlankets!

Welcome! Bienvenue! ¡ Bienvenida ! Bonvenon!
Velkommen! Welkom! Willkommen! Yokoso! ยินดีต้อนรับ ! ДОБРО ПОЖАЛОВАТЬ!
A very warm welcome to all who visit this site,which is a celebration of soft,delicate femininity! If you love fluffy blankets, please make this your home by joining the community. There are no rules - just three requests: 1, Please always be nice to each other. 2, Try to stay on-topic, but entries about other fluffy, soft woollens are also very welcome. 3, If at all possible,try to enter into the spirit of things by snuggling in a fluffy blanket whenever you visit - and tell us so, by adding "WIB" (Wrapped In a Blanket). title="3400836819_c2b1294ebc by jackiesjottings, on Flickr">3400836819_c2b1294ebc</a>


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pink fuffy blanket

These fluffy blankets and shawls are warm and soft and make ideal presents for any woman or girl .


Just to give you a flavour,here's my favourite article-

Sleep is a fluffy blanket.Hard male bodies are made for vigorous action,soft female ones for languorous repose.Women and girls need much more comfort,rest and sleep than men and boys do.Cosy fluffy blankets will most certainly put you to sleep.So,girls,organize regular,daytime Fluffy Blanket Slumber Parties.While your big,strong,tough menfolk do heavy work or play rough games,you pretty girls-small,weak and delicate-in pretty nighties nestle in beds with fluffy mohair blankets,pillows and shawls-all cosy,woolly,warm and soft.Feel them all.Pass round fluffy throws,rugs and other soft,feminine wraps and coverlets for feeling,cuddling and girlish comments.
Gradually,relaxation will pass through drowsiness into deep sleep.Sleeping beauties in luxurious fluffy blankets.Sleep!Sleep!

fluffy blankets, shawls and sweaters

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